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December 2008

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No past.
No future.
Just this one eternal moment.


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wow! thats pretty awesome, Escher meets the Mayan calender, very nice!

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by theblueman

Thats mentaltastic…freaking great work.
Its one of those designs that makes people stop and stare…or ask for a second glance.

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by DuncanBoxie

i like this detail , but at first glance i wasnt into it …

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by SYIK

holy poo stains - that is awsome. that detail is amazing. nice 1

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by Waynepoo

Clearly someone with and infinite amount of time on their hands. The detail is mind-blowingly crazy. Leminscates rule! Thumbs up!

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by Gambyte

wow, detail is amazing!

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by IntegralApparel

mikdog, you dog. this is so fantastic. i love it

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by kingslip