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luxury eternity

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it’s time to show off ;)

2 colors (rasterized) on white tee , enjoy!



shoutBack on 8/7/11 by zenstudio


shoutBack on 7/7/11 by DuncanBoxie

great graphic, 5

shoutBack on 7/7/11 by sayahelmi

great graphic.. 5

shoutBack on 7/7/11 by sayahelmi

a triangle that leads down to give a quick impression, the triangle has a flexible nature of the reply, this is very good, the message and the impression is conveyed

shoutBack on 6/7/11 by Deadfrozen

Stylish and well executed.

shoutBack on 6/7/11 by SmithMachine

looks elegant.

shoutBack on 6/7/11 by eatho

it’s so wearable, and suitable for the fashion issue. goodluck with the compo man. i do really love your works, you’re able work with many kind of issue and style!

shoutBack on 6/7/11 by DM7

This is def my fav so far, very inline with the fashion arena

shoutBack on 5/7/11 by 672835823

Pretty cool, works very well on a tee and I like the use and execution of the logo!

shoutBack on 4/7/11 by CathRon