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Mars Whale

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Didn't make it
Didn't make it
Open Theme August 1

Words by the designer:

just something surreal …


thanks guys.. its just the way it is..

shoutBack on 23/8/11 by daleconcepts

wish the whale were blend more into the background. still good though :)

shoutBack on 19/8/11 by monochromefrog

Wow that’s pretty cool! Although the whale almost gets a bit lost and it looks a bit like it’s just an image ontop of another image, not necessarily like they were created together / as one.. Would love to see the background image without the whale!

shoutBack on 15/8/11 by Maike

Nice work, I would maybe have just left out the smokey effect in the background as it could look a bit splotchy and detract from the whale.

shoutBack on 12/8/11 by CathRon