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Melting Mushrooms

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Open Theme Feb 2

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Well the bros certinaly did have some tricks of their own!



shoutBack on 6/7/11 by Annieberry

Eran hahha, Thanks 4 comments everyone!!!

shoutBack on 16/3/11 by CHUCKY

Roastem and toastem! this is the 8th bit wonder of the world. :P


THese Mario Bros designs take me back….

shoutBack on 16/3/11 by EranEyal

Like the pixellated look!

shoutBack on 11/3/11 by CathRon

Love it! Can never go wrong with Mario Bros.

I think I may even like this more if Mario Bros were in there real colours but I see where you headed and its great dont get me wrong

The colours remind me of one I have seen on Threadless a while ago

Good job Chucky

shoutBack on 9/3/11 by wednesdayloves

Thanks for comments!! @ Ant1net, Theyre the kind of shrooms that change everything from 8-bit to 32-bit,hehe

shoutBack on 7/3/11 by CHUCKY

Really cool. The idea is great. I feel like playing Mario Bros again.

shoutBack on 5/3/11 by Lassiwe

HAHAH! 8 Bit LOOOOVE! what king of shrooms are the Mario shrooms?

shoutBack on 3/3/11 by Ant1net

Thanks Duncan!!! Had this design half complete back from when it was the 8-bit compo! Always wanted to submit a pixelised design

shoutBack on 25/2/11 by CHUCKY

Dude this is too cool for old skool!
Ive seen loads of Mario designs in my day, but this one roasts the mushroom.
Instant classic!

shoutBack on 25/2/11 by DuncanBoxie