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Smoke Critterz

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Didn't make it
Open Theme August 1

Words by the designer:

The main idea behind this design was to have a realstic/photographic style being combined with a cartoony/animated style. The smoke and woman are halftone. 2 colours on army green.


Thanks guys:)

@ Cathron: The chick is cool man,hehe

shoutBack on 16/8/11 by CHUCKY

I think it gets better every time you look at it

shoutBack on 15/8/11 by Sheps

I like the critters, but the chick, no (but I am sure the guys would!)

shoutBack on 12/8/11 by CathRon


shoutBack on 12/8/11 by acme

Love it.. Like how you have mixed the halftone realistic style with the cartoon style, would have liked to see it on a different base..

shoutBack on 11/8/11 by Effin'Sweet