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steampunk bird

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Open Theme August 1

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a sequel to steampunk cat :P


Very nicely drawn! I just feel as if it needs a bit of a background element or something to really make the bird stand out. It seems to be floating a lil too much out there in a sea of brown.

shoutBack on 23/8/11 by DuncanBoxie

thanks guys :D

shoutBack on 19/8/11 by Choushou

great illo!

shoutBack on 19/8/11 by monochromefrog

love your stuff!

shoutBack on 19/8/11 by katryn


shoutBack on 17/8/11 by myoubi

Very cool design!!

shoutBack on 15/8/11 by Maike

Thanks for all the comments CathRon, this design did take me the longest :) so i hope it does well :)

shoutBack on 14/8/11 by Choushou

Nice work, again! :)
This must have taken you ages

shoutBack on 12/8/11 by CathRon