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The Last Football Worldcup

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Didn't make it
Didn't make it
35 Nations of Football

Words by the designer:

Movies, Nostradamus, Mayans, Aliens, pretty much the whole universe tells us it’s the end as we know it. 2012 Points to cataclysmic and apocalyptic events, black holes aligning and Western culture subsiding. It’s so cool we get to watch the last ever FIFA World cup so close to home. ;)


wow. that’s a flashback to 2012 - saw it about 6 weeks ago

shoutBack on 9/2/10 by Eric

Very cool Tee!

shoutBack on 9/2/10 by Jade


shoutBack on 2/2/10 by dotnot

FFs, really c’mon. Looks like something which an insurance company would give out for free. NO.

shoutBack on 2/2/10 by WoooowieMrMan

I would totally wear this!

shoutBack on 1/2/10 by SarahBella

DaRKo Explosive South Africa would’ve really kicked ass!

Lokololly I think you’re AWESOME! ;) :P

Amy Fanx blush I have a funneh feeling this one won’t fare as well as “Who’s your daddy”. But the again Darth has his own DEATH STAR. He laughs in the face of the apocalypse.

Old, but most definately one of the funniest things out there: Izzy’s MR.STEPHENS

DuncanBoxie What you are saying is making me think that I should’ve just spoken to you before doing this. Your words are inspirational! Maybe a follow up on this one could be arranged with ‘RA’ as a goalkeeper, and ‘Zeus’ as a striker.

shoutBack on 30/1/10 by dotnot

Apocalyptic level football? I can see the Egyptain gods playing an away game at the Vesuvias pitch against the Greek gods of old. Lightning bolts aplenty :P

shoutBack on 29/1/10 by DuncanBoxie

Awesome Dotnot! Well done on your previous win, would like to see how this one does!

Loving the colours!

shoutBack on 29/1/10 by amyabrahams

I think its awesome ;)

shoutBack on 29/1/10 by Lokololly

Nothing ever happens to the southern hemisphere… And I feel sorry for South Korea. Perhaps this is like Chernobyl v2.1? Tiehiehie

shoutBack on 29/1/10 by dotnot