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The bots are pleased and they’ll spare you when they take over the world.
Checked out your site, really like your paintings and illustrations.
Hope you haven’t massacred the entire Springleap staff or anything… :P

shoutOut on 1/6/09


After posting my rant the SprinLeap staff did contact me.

Needless to say after a long wait and untraceable parcel, my 20 tees of Sacred Wild did arrive and I am pleased. The printing and colors look great. My only complaint is that all the sizes seem on size too small. A large is like a medium and the girls sizes and sleeve styles are definitely geared for teens. I know the Euro and American style cuts are different, just had to throw that out there.

SpringLeap, Eric, I appreciate your coordination and really regret having to post such a tirade. It is tough working with a company that is so far away and not know how to account or track your items particularly when communicae is dropped suddenly.

Thanks again. SpringLeap I’m BACK!


shoutOut on 9/6/09
Eric - Thumbnail

glad you got the T’s and are happy.

a couple of things we’ve learnt from you (and others)

1. all international parcels are now being sent by AIR MAIL so they’ll get there MUCH QUICKER - in 7 to 14 working days rather than 3 to 4 months

2. in the next generation of springleap T’s (we’re creating the block ourselves) they are MUCH BIGGER - especially the XXL’s (they are HUGE compared to the current ones)

glad to have you back, and we’ll try even harder!! (don’t know if that’s possible, but we’ll do it) :)

shoutOut on 11/6/09


Let me just begin by saying that when I had my first design submitted here and then chosen by SpringLeap to print I was excited. Well, let’s just squash that in a furious stomp real quick now.

As you may know, my design “Sacred Wild” was a winner and printed up for sale here way back in January 09. Some may remember it quite vividly as there was a bit of controversy surrounding the submission. It was also posted on Itself, but due to an error Itself withdrew and it went on to win here. Now, I wish I had left it on Itself…here is why >

I regarded the so-called “prize” listed here on SpringLeap as just what is posted: ONLY ONE WINNER per competition which receives:
1. R 7482.18 is made up of R 3741.09 in cash (about $345 USD) and R 3741.09 of YOUR OWN WINNING TEES! (20 TO BE EXACT)
2. A LIMITED EDITION HAND DRAWN REDITION of your winning design courtesy of our in hourse team
3. R2 royalty for every t-shirt of yours that we sell
4. Royalties on future products bearing your design

Okay, so everybody knows the score about prizes right?…WRONG! It is now the middle of May and although I did receive my small portion of cash prize the 20 tee shirts that SpringLeap said was destined to arrive in 4-6 weeks NEVER CAME. Oh, and that’s not all. So, as I actually do design work for my living bread and butter I have done the professional/work ethical thing to do and inquire about the other half of my prize (really 1/4 cause what about royalties? OMG, AND WHAT ABOUT THAT HAND DRAWN RENDITION OF MY DESIGN????)

Well, everyone (SpringLeap Staff) who was so gracious in the beginning before getting my artwork and printing it up won’t even return my emails or query about how to track down my 20 Sacred Wild shirts. This includes a good portion of the staff here. Namely cough ERIC.

So, WTF is the problem? I subbed a good design, SpringLeap is probably selling the shit out of, they won’t address THEIR issue of failing to ensure that I receive the rest of my so-called prize, and I’m left feeling totally screwed and pissed off like this is some cheap-ass scam here.

My question to you out there, particularly other winners here, is if you won and are in another part of the world besides F’n Capetown South Africa did you receive your entire winnings/earnings?

And my question to you SpringLeap Staff is why the hell don’t you offer some sort of solution or alternative to your winners if you can’t even get them their shipment of shirts? If you were some REAL business people who had any sense of ethics you would A. offer an alternative B. rectify the problem and C. know your limits as a company and don’t make offered promises that you can’t keep!

I hope someone takes notice and I hope I was the only winner out there who got screwed by this scam. It seems to me that if you don’t live in S. Africa they could care less about you getting your prize cause you live on the other side of the world…BS!

Don’t sub here if your not from CapeTown…or if you actually want to get your prize…or if your simply a kick ass designer, shop it elsewhere!

I’m out…SpringLeap you have really shallow business standards! You are so FLAT that you can’t even contact one of your winners whose artwork your making profit on and make a solution to the problem situation you created.

shoutOut on 20/5/09