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Oh, wait… nevermind. sorry

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Hey, I’m a little confused. For the Pure Imagination competition it says that submissions are due the 30th of July, but that Voting starts on the 7th of July. Is that correct? Will you still be able to enter submissions after voting starts?

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Thanks:) you are a crew member to right? I havn’t heard anything from you guys about the contest :( I hope you respond on this :P

greetings from holland

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Hi I received the tees, thanx, they look great.


shoutOut on 15/4/09
sethdesign - Thumbnail

Hi TheBrigand.

I am just inquiring about my t-shirt design, Mr Smiley. I understand that it has been printed and have seen the photos in the photo gallery, (the print looks amazing). I was under the impression that when my shirt gets printed that I also receive a print. If this is in fact true I would like to know when and how I will receive my t-shirt. Thanx.


shoutOut on 7/3/09
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Hi TheBrigand,
I’ve been looking around the site and I can’t find anywhere for a user to unregister. Is there an automated area on the website for current users to unregister, or would I have to contact springleap via email and ask to be removed from the site? If not,Is it not standard practice for websites to include a link for you to unregister? Shot

shoutOut on 5/3/09