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April 30 1 to May 14 2009

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Crop Circles gone retro! Was just playing around with a circles vs squares theme and this materialized, was quite stok’d that it all seems to fit together so well, with crop circles being made by aliens and then using the space invaders symbol for the alternate squares.

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IMHO Ohlung what isn’t too like?
Fish eye lens..
old outdated space invader pixel turned into a hot crop circle..
Erie and spooky night with very minimal colors! This concept is amazing and Tokyo my friend you are an amazing illustrator!

shoutBack on 19/5/09 by IntegralApparel

Maybe I dont have good test us you guys.
Because i just dont understand why you people think this so great? there are others i think are better than this one but got very low score~ even the other design of tokyogogo i think is better than this one…..
I just dont understand why this one win…..

shoutBack on 19/5/09 by ohlung

Thanks everyone! :D Eric can’t wait to see it printed too!

shoutBack on 15/5/09 by TokyoGoGo


congrats to you!

shoutBack on 14/5/09 by cash

and this will be my next shirt whoop whoop!!!

shoutBack on 14/5/09 by nikiagold

This is such a brilliant design.. This is definitely my next t-shirt for sure!!!!

shoutBack on 14/5/09 by cloMO

another win TokyoGoGo! and what a design. it’s one of my favourite’s this year! way to go! can’t wait to see CropPixels printed

shoutBack on 14/5/09 by Eric

Congrats on the TOTD! :) Got my money on this :)

shoutBack on 12/5/09 by Tu

love this!!!!!!! wowzers..

shoutBack on 11/5/09 by cloMO

Great job! Congratulations

shoutBack on 8/5/09 by cmatos