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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... Mar 10th, 16:40 peeps

hahahaha u guys r hilarious! When Chuck Norris falls in water, Chuck Norris doesn't get wet. Water gets Chuck Norris.
Biko is beautiful Mar 4th, 15:10 talk_t

Oh My! This design is sooo amazing. I love the writing on the tree!
Two Thumbs Up Mar 4th, 15:04 talk_t

such a cute tee :) hee hee
Ma Brrr Mar 4th, 15:03 talk_t

OOH OOh! Wow! I like I like! Really diggin the vinyl :)
Freedom Fighter Mar 4th, 15:02 talk_t

nice one twisted :)
2010 Mar 4th, 15:01 talk_t

Awesome. I'd like it better without the big '2010' though
Desmond's Tutu Mar 4th, 14:59 talk_t

HAHAHAHAHA! Love your style DibDobs! I want this tee!
ZEBRA Mar 4th, 14:58 talk_t

hahaha so cute :)
Black is beautiful Mar 4th, 14:57 talk_t

hahahaha I love the Afro comb :) Good one!
Kingdom's Guardian Mar 4th, 14:54 talk_t

Niiiiice very very nice...but I dont think I'd wear this :)
Madiba (Nelson ... Mar 4th, 14:52 talk_t

I like the linework but the image is a bit on the large side
Fall out toy Feb 15th, 10:29 talk_t

Hehehe :) Totally awesome. The colours are great!
Heartless PIG! Feb 15th, 10:22 talk_t

Like the piggy...but not sure I'd wear this
LOOK, I AM YOUR... Feb 15th, 10:19 talk_t

I Heart Music Feb 15th, 10:17 talk_t

I Heart Music too :) Love the simplicity of this design. Would def wear this tee