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Monster Gumm Jul 14th, 15:30 talk_t

RAD!. I want one of these guys as a PET! <3 Great Concept. I think the colours need refining. Would also like to see some more detail in the 'GOLD' and in the monster itself.
springleap us..... Jul 14th, 15:28 talk_t

CUUUUTTTTEEE! Maybe a little big & busy on the T-shirt though. I like all the different characters, think they represent a variety of poeple designing for Springleap. :) However, I think they need to be placed with more flow, so as not to look like they fell on top of each other.
SPRINGLEAP IMPACT Jul 14th, 15:24 talk_t

This isn't interesting. Why don't you play with the linework and create something FUN!
idea hanger Jul 14th, 15:05 talk_t

Cute indeed! Perhaps a little too simple? I want to see that hanger transform to create a masterpiece on that T-shirt!
springleap deco... Jul 14th, 15:03 talk_t

What about the leap? ;D
dark side of th... Jul 14th, 15:02 talk_t

They look like the creatures from 'Where the wild things are'. Feels too hand drawn. Think the design needs some more detail.
Green Jul 14th, 14:59 talk_t

AMAZING! Congratulations!
Springleap'n Em... Jul 14th, 14:56 talk_t

I love the energy behind this design. :) I am also a fan of the colours, however, if Springleap wants a more 'professional' look, do you think pink & blue really justify that and if so.. WHY? :D Spelling Error? NOT cool.
CHILD SPRINGLEAP Jul 14th, 14:54 talk_t

Why a child? Springleap is a site for Up & Comers, not children who are still drawing with crayons.
Tetris Jul 14th, 14:53 talk_t

I think the concept is VERY cute! :D I think the words 'next', 'time' & 'hold' should all be related to Springleap in someway. I also think it would be better to simplify this design, in terms of colours:- maybe take it down to 4 colours, in terms of design use the space more innovatively as opposed to creating the 'usual' square.
Springleap Frog Jul 14th, 14:50 talk_t

Are those what FrogPrints look like? The Frog is cute, but reminds me too much of this company image:
New beginning Jul 14th, 14:47 talk_t

Hrrrm... ?
knine Jul 13th, 14:37 talk_t

Evolution? Cat Skull? Did I miss something?
Evolution? Jul 13th, 14:33 talk_t

OMG! Can you say? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?! Not a fan of the Evolution font though.. :( Tough one. But other than that. WOWZERS TROUSERS!
Evolution of WAR Jul 13th, 14:31 talk_t

:D Hehe. Very Cute. It seems to have a LEGOMAN feel. I think it would be great if you worked on the illustration a bit more. Get some more detail in the characters. ;)