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dotnot is from South Africa ZA and is 903,974,789 seconds young

dotnot is trying to acquire the skill of insomnianess - I need more hours in the day man!


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shoutOut on 27/2/12
DuncanBoxie - Thumbnail

HEHEHE insomnia is a SKILL!!!!! ;)
I struggle to fall asleep early…dont know what my secret is…over-active imagination perhaps hahaha.

shoutOut on 30/6/11
RoxzyLok - Thumbnail

hows that wowieman….? well said dotnot

shoutOut on 9/2/10
Sergio37 - Thumbnail

Thaaanks for the comment

shoutOut on 15/2/10
RoxzyLok - Thumbnail

clearly he was having a bad day LOL

shoutOut on 15/2/10
DuncanBoxie - Thumbnail

Hey there Inge.
Thanks for sending through those interview answers so speedily. I really enjoyed reading your responses :)
Have a lovely day.

shoutOut on 3/2/10
Qimstudio - Thumbnail

congrats on the win!

shoutOut on 15/1/10


cool profile name!

shoutOut on 14/12/09
CHUCKY - Thumbnail

Thaaanks for the comment, appreciated!

shoutOut on 23/12/09