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Down the rabbit... Today, 17:53 talk_t

ah true true... maybe Springleap will let me make changes. he he
Down the rabbit... Jan 22nd, 16:35 talk_t

Wow! Thanks guys and girls for such awesome feedback! I understand the brown is putting people off the design, Maybe it can work on another colour shirt, but I dont think I can change the design now. I kind of like brown though :)
Against the Wave Jan 18th, 16:32 talk_t

Cant wait to get paid so I can buy one!
Down the rabbit... Jan 15th, 15:51 talk_t

Ha ha! That he is! mmm... I wanted to leave the design up to the viewer to decide what message it conveys to him or her ...or something like that ;)
Down the rabbit... Jan 15th, 07:53 talk_t

Thanks guys for the awesome feedback so far! :D
A Very Importan... Jan 14th, 16:38 talk_t

This is damn good!
New Themed T-sh... Jan 14th, 12:59 word_up

Cant wait to see the other designs (first time entering)
New Themed T-sh... Jan 12th, 10:36 word_up

ah poo! I wanted take part, but I guess the quality of the entries will be awesome then! good luck previous winners!