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Springleap and Aug 18th 2011, 07:37 word_up

so this one is not based on community voting? Interesting idea. I think it would be a good idea to show some of the designs anyway - seeing what other people are up to does tend to push the standards of the work in a competition up.

The Tea Party Aug 18th 2011, 07:37 talk_t

It doesn’t really, just wanted to see what would happen ;)

Springleap and Aug 18th 2011, 07:37 word_up

I kinda feel like the extensions that seem to happen on most competitions are maybe a little unfair to the people who actually put in the effort to get something in by the deadline…

The Tea Party Aug 18th 2011, 07:37 talk_t

It made it in? I am happy about this, but i thought submissions & votes were meant to be closed by now… strange.

Springleap and Aug 18th 2011, 07:37 word_up

Almost finished with something pretty cool. Just wondering: does it need to have an AFI logo in there somewhere?

online comics Aug 18th 2011, 07:37 peeps

my 3 favourites:

Axe Cop
Drawn by an award-winning comic book artist, written by his six-year old brother

Dr Mcninja
The story of a doctor who is also a ninja

dinosaur comics
just plain great

RETURN OF THE Aug 18th 2011, 07:37 word_up

Yay sounds good! Got a rad one to submit for this. Also, digging the info-graphic thing at the top of the page.

Grandiose Aug 18th 2011, 07:37 talk_t

That’s very cool. Nice illustration style!

dancing animals Aug 18th 2011, 07:37 talk_t

Rad illustration! Feel like it doesn’t stand out enough on the blue though. Maybe if it goes to print it would be better on white.

Jup's Cat Aug 18th 2011, 07:36 talk_t

Yay! hope it wins, I’ll definitely get myself one.

the AMAZING Aug 18th 2011, 07:36 talk_t

Think this is what bleet was trying to do: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/217/5/e/Spiderman_Hangover_by_echosong41.png

Dude you should be banned from this site. The thing about the internet is that if you’ve seen something, chances are that a lot of other people will have as well. Stop doing this or you’re going to get yourself sued by someone.

By the way, this is also an interesting coincidence:



And am I to assume you’ve got licensing rights from Lucasfilm for the Indiana Jones shirts in your online shop?

The Kiss Aug 18th 2011, 07:36 talk_t

Thanks all! I appreciate the kind words - this was kind of an experiment with a new vector technique, glad it worked out well.

The Reason Aug 18th 2011, 07:36 talk_t

The ad this was stolen from

This is a direct auto-trace of an existing advert, for another beer company (I think it’s Australian, cant remember the exact name of the company). Absolutely unacceptable. Never mind the fact that you haven’t used ANY of the Hansa brand iconography, logos or colours,you are presenting a poorly executed copy of someone else’s work as your own.

This is the internet, my friend. Don’t steal, you will get caught.

Springleap and Aug 18th 2011, 07:36 word_up

awesomeness, i really wanna do something cool for this, but I have some serious issues with the brand iconography pack - the non-vector keyline logo is kind of a problem, and there’s no way i’m gonna be able to make a web-resolution packshot on solid white work with my vector stuff.

Springleap and Aug 18th 2011, 07:36 word_up

disregard my last comment. i got it figured out and it looks awesome now.