Belinda in Alice Land

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The Walt Disney version of Alice in Wonderland is a very easy place to “draw” inspiration from, with loads of imagery to spark off the imagination .I tried to create a flow in my design with each image in the design representing different parts in the story.

I added texture to the design to try give it more of a living characteristic

7 colours on midnight Blue


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GREAT illustration. :-)

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I’d wear this in a blink of an eye!
Digging the colours

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I really love the overall pic here - a beautiful style!

I love collage work like this where the internal design elements tell the story.

What I don’t like in designs like this - but it hasn’t happened here - that’s why I dig your cool work! - is often the t-shirt design just becomes a wonderland of images and it’s all … too much.

In Belinda in Alice Land I love the fact that the images all form together from the character herself - so there is a natural flow to the creation. I alos dig the fact that it has become all about BELINDA in Alice Land - it’s about Belinda’s interpretation and experience of the classic elements of the story of Alice.

Also love the way you have brought the yellow tones into the hair and how they run through the image - this design has STYLE specifically Belinda’s style.

One other element that stokes me here is that Belinda’s face doesn’t muddy up the work with too much detail - there is great detail in many areas but not too much in others - so a great balance has been achieved.

Well done @Stashme -this is an EXCELLENT entry into Alice Land - a Wonderland of design style.

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@lololly, thanks for your comment, i think its a personal taste, either you like square designs where the focus is just on the chest, or you enjoy having your whole shirt used as a canvas. the popular thing for artwork type designs, including allot of band tees, is they use the whole front of the tee, where as witty, simple designs often need to use less space, because there is less to entertain the eye with.

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I really love this! really unique and has depth..

one thing though.. as lokolly has said it is too vertical,
it shoud end I think on the center of the clock’s horizon line.

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WOW ur really talented. It’s a stunning illustration! I’s prefer the design to be less vertical tho…

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thanks peeps, allot of effort went into this. Tearex, you made me giggle a bit, thanks for that comment

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Jade, no offense, but what are you talking about?
This design is great, and I’d definitely wear it - as a shirt.
It’s a lot better than most of the designs on this website, and although some might think that seven colours is a lot for a shirt design, I feel that this is justified and would look great printed.

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