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shoutOut on 12/5/11 by Sergio37 in

i triend something in white for once


Wow this is beautiful, love the faded blue background and the bubbles was done brilliantly. Great work :)

shoutBack on 21/5/11 by Izzicane

Girl looks a bit like Wednesday Adams ;)

shoutBack on 20/5/11 by jefferz

ty to all .D
@seba your works has been an inspitation to me in so many ways

shoutBack on 19/5/11 by Sergio37

This is really cool sergio!

shoutBack on 18/5/11 by sebasebi

like this

shoutBack on 18/5/11 by dylovastuff

fantastic design! love how the bubble changes!

shoutBack on 17/5/11 by Qimstudio

Beautiful :)

shoutBack on 16/5/11 by Maike

Whoa this is really beautiful.
Love the bubble to butterfly transformation!
As always u rock super hard Sergio! :)

shoutBack on 16/5/11 by DuncanBoxie

I really like this one - the girl is illustrated beautifully, and of course the way the bubbles change shape is very clever

shoutBack on 13/5/11 by CathRon

Lovely color!!!

shoutBack on 12/5/11 by dewedhe