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shoutOut on 13/6/11 by theoryone in

A little fun around hiphop and hansa. A hiphop character with the ever so trendy bow tie. Everything flows from hansa


congrats dude

shoutBack on 14/7/11 by turtledude


shoutBack on 7/7/11 by Qimstudio

thanks everyone .. so amped.. thanks springleap and everyone who voted etc ..:)

shoutBack on 7/7/11 by theoryone

Congrats Dylan!!! really loved this design from the start!

shoutBack on 5/7/11 by 672835823

nice win brosiv, you just made me poorer :)

shoutBack on 5/7/11 by bleet

DUDE!!! had a feeling this one was gonna be a solid win for you! WELL DONE!!!

shoutBack on 4/7/11 by EranEyal

very well deserved! Congrats big time!

shoutBack on 4/7/11 by MEKAZOO

WELL FREAKING DONE!!! Loved this one so much!

shoutBack on 4/7/11 by CathRon

What a winner this is spectacular!
Great win chief!

shoutBack on 4/7/11 by DuncanBoxie

thanks :) ..

shoutBack on 22/6/11 by theoryone