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Leaving the Building 05 - Amazing Americas

shoutOut on 18/5/12 by Duncan Boxshall-Smith in peeps

Greetings one and all,

Wow, so its my final day at Springleap...it feels so very strange indeed!

However, before I ride off into the proverbial sunset my blogging cannot be complete without writing a posting about our designers from North and South America.

I shouldn’t have to tell you how incredibly talented these guys and girls are. We have had a huge number of winning designs making their way across the Atlantic to the sunny shores of South Africa!

The first designer I would like to mention is Sebastian Govino (aka: Sebasebi) who hails from Argentina.
This man has won on 10 separate occasions with Springleap, making him the most prolific winner from this side of the world by far. Each design that comes through is distinctive and pulses with its own special kind of energy. Sebasebi is perhaps best known as the man who won two of our Battle of the Best contests in a row! His Mr. Cosmos and Modern Art in your Shirt submission have both achieved ‘legendary’ status here at the HQ and have been hugely popular sellers. I know that when a new Sebasebi design comes through that the rest of the submissions are going to really have to be something truly special to have any chance of beating him!

James ‘Suburbanhijinx’ Campbell is another Springleap.com veteran who has made a huge impact on our platform. As far as the USA is concerned - this is the man that is leading the charge!
I cannot tell you how integral his designs have been in helping to take The Leap to the next level. James’ Illuminati Propaganda is without doubt one of my favourite designs ever. I constantly receive compliments from complete strangers when I wear it out and about! Perhaps the most impressive aspect of his work is the technical execution – just thinking of how I would go about creating designs like his makes me dizzy. You kick some serious butt dude!

Camila Ufes, better known as Cmatos, is a fabulous Brazilian designer who has an astounding knack for coming up with super-fun character designs which are all erupting with personality. Whenever I see one of her designs arrive for approval it makes me smile from ear-to-ear, because I know that when I open it up it will be bursting with positive energy and serious ‘character design class’. Camila’s winning design Against the Wave holds a special place in my heart and I remember how stoked I was when it won. These days I try not to wear my one too much because I want it to last forever….it’s just too cool for words. It has genuinely been an honour working with Camila. Thank you for all the designs over the years, you certainly brightened up many of my gloomy days!

I’d also like to send a BIG shout-out to all the ‘new kids on the block’ from the Americas. I’m happy to see more and more top-notch designers are signing up with us and showcasing their awe-inspiring skills on Springleap.

You are all fantastic and I can’t wait to see more designs from you all!

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