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Duncan Boxie is leaving the building

shoutOut on 3/5/12 by Duncan Boxshall-Smith in wordUp

So long and thanks for all the designs! :)

Yep, after all these years with Springleap I will be leaving to embark on a new and exciting journey of my own.

I have been with Springleap since it began back in 2008 - I have seen how it has grown from strength-to-strength to become the top notch design contest it is today!

Watching how designers have developed their skills to all new levels of awesomeness has been a seriously rewarding part of my job. Helping designers, chatting about their work and even becoming friends with many of you has been such a privilege!

Working with Springleap has been an amazing ride indeed. Not only have I been lucky to have worked with the best colleagues imaginable, but I have also met thousands of amazing designers who have opened up my world to a myriad of new forms of awe-inspiring artwork.

To celebrate my impending departure I have decided to put together a series of blogs that look back over the years at our mile-stones and salute the designers who have taken our platform to the next level…there are so many!

I will also chat about the future of Springleap - where we are headed and the new designers with the potential to get us there.

My final day is set for 18 May, which means that I have less than a month left with you. I’m going to enjoy every last moment I have with you all!

Please give our new community manager a big hearty Springleap HELLO when he arrives.

Peace :)



1. Leaving the Building 01 - TokyoGoGo
2. Leaving the Building 02 - South Africa
3. Leaving the Building 03 - Asian Designers of Springleap
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5. Leaving the Building 05 - Amazing Americas



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