shoutOut on 30/7/09 by suburbanhijinx in

I did this design after watching ALOT of reality TV and playing ALOT of Fallout 3!!!

This is the broadcast of the apocalypse…in CMYK of course!

I like using suited figures with TV’s and Radio’s as heads. Plus I think the end of the world will be decided by a suited person of authority and I would not be shocked if it was televised!


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congratz subur first sold out since long time

shoutBack 2 days, 8 hours ago by Sergio37

HOLY COW!!! ALL THE MENS SIZES ARE SOLD OUT? Mishmoon, I assume you got a hold of springleap and ordered some for your store? If so thanks so much!!! Let me know how they sell for you!

shoutBack on 4/11/09 by suburbanhijinx

Hi im realy interested in stocking you in my store you can check it out on facebook its called The Steam Room. My contact details are on there. But you can mail me

shoutBack on 20/10/09 by MishMoon

I’m super stoked that these are in now! I can’t wait to see how the print came out!!!

shoutBack on 14/9/09 by suburbanhijinx

Yep -that’s what I love about Springleap - it’s populated by PASSIONATE AND AMAZINGLY TALENTED people.

Everyone has their own unique design style and is a unique platform to showcase your talent.

shoutBack on 16/8/09 by EranEyal

Jeez! I bet springleap didn’t expect this much drama from one design!

shoutBack on 16/8/09 by suburbanhijinx

No silly Sergio, im no master when it comes to design or fashion, if anything i will always be a novice to aesthetics learning as i go along,
however ive been an illustrator as long as i can remember and i personally (and i wish the entire world was) much more impressed by creation than i am with duplication, its not a fashion matter at all because diversity and uniqueness is the core value of fashion that i enjoy the most. The matter at hand is execution, the folks that were in the compo had better designs, to me better = illustration, colour, line weight, composition and theory behind the design. The operative words here are “to me“ your welcome to your fashion sense sir. Dont wanna discuss this further its tedious and time consuming when i would rather spend the time illustrating better designs. Peace

shoutBack on 15/8/09 by DustyRich

so dustyrich basically u are saying that u MUST be here to protect others from themselves?
how can your only presence protect the world of medriocre desings?
nothing personal but i can take care of my sense of fashion by myself sir.
by the way the winner is not my favorite but congratz anyway!!!!!

shoutBack on 14/8/09 by Sergio37

I think this looks great and kudos for the win! Although I do agree in parts with Dusty, I find that the colours and the imagery does make up for the lack of so-called illustration.

At the end of the day, what people will love and wear isn’t necessarily all done by hand!

Understanding that is part of being a DESIGNER! Well done!

shoutBack on 14/8/09 by Tu

fair enough good points made, dunno maybe I’m just bias because i enjoy creating instead of innovating but i suppose there is something to be said about innovation, ideas definitely no where near innovative. I just feel their were better options on the table, well done on the win, I’ll just have to join the competition again seriously, voting and submissions, and make sure mediocre designs don’t come near the podium, no personnel offense intended.

shoutBack on 14/8/09 by DustyRich