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Springleap and Positive Heroes 'Inspire Courage' DESIGN CONTEST: WIN US$1850

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A design contest with a conscience!

Positive Heroes is a group of ordinary people living extraordinary lives .

The Heroes work within their communities – both local and national – telling their stories of living with HIV . They show by personal example that HIV is a manageable and survivable disease . Encouraging and supporting anyone affected by HIV with powerful messages of hope .

The Heroes’ vision is to prevent millions of South Africans dying needlessly as a result of the stigma , fear and ignorance that still surrounds HIV.

Positive Heroes promotes the belief that living positively is about living life to the full. It is about embracing opportunity , about self-expression , about feeling healthy and looking good.

… and that’s pretty much what design is all about! Filling people’s lives with hope and beauty – lifting the veil on the awesome world that we live in.

The Challenge: Use your design skills around the theme “Inspire Courage” and create a greater awareness and understanding of HIV and global acceptance of the people who live with it.

Springleap.com in association with The Cape Town Fashion Council  and Positive Heroes invites designers to create a design which truly illustrates the COURAGE that is needed to overcome the stigma surrounding this epidemic and to live life to our fullest potential.

There is no reason why people living with HIV shouldn’t live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, just like everyone else. Help us create a picture of courage.

ANYTHING is possible if you know and manage your status!



The Brief:

Positive Heroes is looking for designers to create a design – which shows that acceptance is the key to ending the stigma around the HIV epidemic – for their Unique Fashion Event to be held in Cape Town in October 2011 .

Your design must reflect a positive outlook and acceptance of your fellow man, which serves to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV. Everyone is affected by  HIV in some way – so your perspective should reflect both those who are living with HIV and society as a whole.

Courage must come from both sides. Stigma starts with the HIV+ individuals feeling shame about themselves, and is mirrored in society turning away from them. The result: people become isolated from friends and family and end up dying alone. Beating stigma and shame mean admitting and accepting your status and that of those around you. Acceptance and connection are key to beating this disease. We need courage to ask for help or support and courage to give it to those who need it.

Positive Heroes is all about “ordinary people living extraordinary lives”. Be one of them.

Your design should inspire people to get tested, to know their status. To get help, find support, stick to their medication and keep them from infecting other people if positive. And to stay HIV free if negative .

Help “inspire courage” – end the shame – and save lives!



1. Designs must please include the Positive Heroes logo in the original colours
2. NO BLACK T-SHIRTS . WHITE is the ‘preferred’ t-shirt color choice, however other colors are welcome.
3. The Positive Heroes corporate colors are pale grey and two shades of orange. However, designers are welcome to experiment and come up with their own interpretations for the design layout. Remember that the logo needs to stay in its original colours.
4. Positive Heroes intends to dress their staff, Heroes and Ultra-Marathon team in the winning t-shirt design when they are out in public. This means that the design needs to illustrate clearly who they are and what they do.
5. Positive Heroes currently gives away t-shirts throughout South African communities, both rural and urban when doing outreach work. Ideally the winning design will replace, or become one of these promotional t-shirts.




DOWNLOAD the Springleap t-shirt Submission Kit  to get all the templates and submission guidelines.


CLICK HERE to go directly to the VOTE PAGE.



Submissions for designs open: 03 August 2021

Submissions for designs close: 07 October 2021

Voting starts: 29 August 2021

Voting ends: 26 October 2021

Winner announced: 27 October 2021




First prize       – US$1250
Second prize  – US$300
Third prize      – US$300



The winning designs will be printed to be worn and displayed at the Positive Heroes Unique Fashion Event (held in partnership with the City of Cape Town), which will take place at the Cape Town Civic Centre on the 03 November 2011.



The winning designs will be auctioned off on the night of the event on A0 stretch canvases for fundraising.



Winning t-shirts will also be used for corporate and consumer crowdfunding packages, the proceeds of which will go to Positive Heroes intitiatives. Once we announce the winners, we will inform the community of links to the crowdfunding site we will be working with.

These packages are:

Bronze       – $30 will get you the winning T-Shirt

Silver          – $80 will get you the winning T-Shirt and the runners up

Gold            – $160 will get you the winning T-Shirt and the runners up for yourself, plus a pack will be sent to kids at a school / to members of an HIV support group / grassroots HIV organisation

Platinum    – +$790 will get you the gold package plus listing on this post, and on the Positive Heroes site, plus a high quality A0 size stretched canvas print of each of the prints

DIAMOND –$5700 will get you 220 t-shirts with your business name on the back of the t-shirts sent to you kids at a school / to members of an HIV support group / grassroots HIV organisation plus a high quality A0 size stretched canvas print of each of the prints



The winning designs, as well as a selection of other top designs from the competition, will be put on show at a gallery exhibition in Cape Town and auctioned off as canvases.



1. No obscenities or hate speech.
2. Only original works will be accepted.
a. Positive Heroes should be the focal point of the design. The Positive Heroes logo should appear somewhere on the garment. You can download the logo here.
b. WHITE is the preferred t-shirt color, however all other colors besides BLACK are acceptable.
c. The Positive Heroes Corporate Identity guidelines should be followed in terms of the color palette. See the color palette here.
3. Each designer may submit up to five designs.
4. Winners will be chosen by the Springleap design panel, in conjunction with Positive Heroes.
5. Standard Springleap terms and conditions apply over and above.
6. Positive Heroes and Springleap reserve the rights to request the high-resolution artwork of any entry submitted into the “Positive Heroes” design competition for non-commercial benefit such as media covering the process.
7. Positive Heroes reserves the right to display all procured designs in the Move! magazine, on the Positive Heroes website, on promotional materials and at any Telkom Pinnacle exhibition or event.
8. The winner consents to having their photograph and works displayed in/on/at any of the above items.
9. The competition will run from 03 August 2021 to 19 September 2011. Winners will be chosen by a panel from 03 October 2011. The winner will be chosen and announced on 7th October via the Springleap.com website, in the following issue of Move! Magazine and on the Positive Heroes website.

Confused or uncertain about anything?

Post your questions about the Positive Heroes theme competition below or click our online support button to the left of our header.

Good Luck and Happy Designing!



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Nice one UncleHani :)
Looking forward to your sub!

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Come Mozambique floods, come snow, Imma do this!

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Totally, this is for such a good cause!
We have never done a compo quite like this, so its very exciting :)

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What an awesome and inspiring campaign! I cannot wait to see the submissions.

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