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Springleap voted the Best Clothing and Accessories store!

shoutOut on 20/11/09 by amyabrahams in paparazzi

Hey Springleapers!

Recently Jump.co.za hosted the 2009 South African E-Commerce Awards and guess what?! Springleap.com was voted the best clothing and accessories store! Check it out here

We just want to say how happy we all are!Thank you to everyone that voted, we really appreciate it.



shoutBack on 20/11/09 by suburbanhijinx

Well done to all @ Springleap! All that hard work is worth it!

shoutBack on 20/11/09 by SmithMachine

Awesomeness! Not surprising seeing as Springleap.com IS the BEST clothing store!!!!

Well done guys! You have an AMAZING team :-)

shoutBack on 20/11/09 by Dinxster