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Keeping in mind the theme of rock…I was thinking of what kind of “ROCK” ideas I could do with out some crazy dragon or epic looking character with lightning bolts…I was immediately drawn to memories of old punk rock music zines. I did this design inspired by those photocopied, underground, phenomena. Hope you like it!


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thanks for that sergio! Trust me i am a small fish in the sea of tee designers! check out! It’s another tee design community, some of the top designers in the world there hang out!

shoutBack 1 month ago by suburbanhijinx

Dude is ok you ROCK seriouslly you are the biggest artist that i seen in 2009

shoutBack 1 month ago by Sergio37

HOLY S#!%!!! This is awesome! Thanks so much to everyone for voting!!!! Thank you so much Lokololly, amyabrahams, CHUCKY, SmithMachine, Eric, and cloMo!!! This is the best news to come home to after a long day at work!!!!

Sorry Sergio, maybe I’ll take a break in a week or two…nah I’m gonna stick with this! Thanks again to everyone who voted and commented. I REALLY can’t wait to see this when they are done!!! Special thanks to Springleap!!!

shoutBack 1 month, 1 day ago by suburbanhijinx

ok dude u won 3 in a row now STOP :P

shoutBack on 12/11/09 by Sergio37

WOW! again! ;) suburbanhijinx.. you’ve created some tough competition on this site. Give yourself a pat on the back! :D

shoutBack on 12/11/09 by cloMO

u’re becoming unbeatable!!! we JUST got our paypal account sorted, so can get winners payments quicker to you guys!!

shoutBack on 12/11/09 by Eric

Congrats! Glad it won, was one of my favourites!

shoutBack on 12/11/09 by SmithMachine

Shit, you again. Congrats! knew this would win from the start!

shoutBack on 12/11/09 by CHUCKY

Congrats!!! Nice one!

shoutBack on 12/11/09 by amyabrahams

AWE! Awesome design, so glad this won! U seem to be the new ass-kickin’ designer on Springleap…How does it feel!?

shoutBack on 12/11/09 by Lokololly