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Stimorol - Refreshing Packaging Design Contest - WINNERS

shoutOut on 7/5/12 by Duncan Boxshall-Smith in wordUp

That’s a wrap!

The Stimorol Refreshing Packaging Design contest has come full circle and Stimorol has chosen their 3 amazing winners!

Congratulations to D4rkw1ng for scooping the grand prize with his absolutely eye-popping Elemental_Stimulation. This design was always going to be a huge contender. The moment it came through it began racking up the votes at a furious pace and earned massive praise from the community. The execution of this design had great balance, making good use of its predominantly black aesthetic and differentiating shape patterns. Very striking and a worthy winner indeed!

Take 5 by Stacen Moodley is our second place winner. This submission has something truly special about it. As Stacen wrote in his design’s story, this design is bursting with “Energy & Movement”…we couldn’t agree more. He used a super-modern design element which employed slick lines to create an impressive sense of depth. His Air Rush designs likewise hit with blinding motion, which captured the essence of this range perfectly.

Our third place winner Mzanzi Style created by Lindybug used its bright colours and supreme character power to draw attention and loads of votes. This is the kind of design that just can’t help make you smile from ear-to-ear. We can see this design working nicely for a full-on summer campaign. Talk about an overwhelming burst of uplifting personality!

Thanks you to all the designers who participated in this contest. Stimorol ‘Refreshing Packaging Design’ was most certainly a mile-stone contest for us and proves that our talented community has what it takes to knock a packaging design brief out of the park!

The huge amount of high quality designs stands testament to our designer’s skill and we look forward to the next contest of this type.

Once again well done to our winners, you have done a top-notch job!!!


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