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shoutOut on 14/7/11 by DuncanBoxie in peeps

Hey there designers,

Ok, so subs have closed for AFI , thanks to everybody who got involved and sent through their super-cool designs.
I think AFI is going to be blown away by the quality of the designs.


Now it is time to turn our attention to the other HUGE corporate competition which we are running, TELKOM ‘Pinnacle’ .

This compo also has a staggering US$1250 prize.

For those of you have not yet seen the original brief , the concept is simple:
The TELKOM PINNACLE service is a select telecommunication service for highly valued residential customers.
You will need to create a Pinnacle branded T-shirt that shows what being at the pinnacle of life means to you.

Your design must show these qualities: success, connection, exclusivity and panache .
Use “style, flair and creative confidence” to create a design that fits in with the corporate world .

OK, so that is the brief. This one is definitely full of potential for fun design creation.

Just off the top of my head I had a few concepts which I feel could work.
Please understand these are JUST EXAMPLES for brain-storming purposes …to get the creative juices flowing, so to speak!

1. Stylish character wearing a smart suit , he’s on his cell phone , ordering an extravagant service ….like a limo , or a helicopter (whatever) which will whisk him away to enjoy the high-life. The limo/chopper materializes, as if from magic ;)

2. Shower of gadgets, cash and diamonds bursting forth from the receiver of a telephone, half-burying a central character who has a BIG GRIN on his face!

3. Picture a smart businessman standing at the apex of a pyramid holding his cell phone high above his head. Behind him will be some ornate curly writing saying, “I’m at the pinnacle”.
I picture one of those old fantasy/sci-fi artworks with the hero standing tall, with some gorgeous beauty standing next to him, hehehe!
Kinda like the classic Frank Frazetta artwork below.

How would you interpret this theme? Would you create a crazy character of some kind, or perhaps your design would be a cleaner stereotypical corporate style with a clear concise message done all in text?

Honestly, there are so many possible concepts to pull from this brief. So go wild and have some fun.

Be quirky or serious …it’s totally up to you.
Just keep the fact that this is a corporate company in the back of your mind when you conceptualize!

Don’t miss out on this awesome cash prize guys and girls, bounce through some of your class-design and WIN-WIN-WIN!

If you have any questions or would like to brainstorm with me and the community about your concept, post a comment below.



No worries brutha :)

shoutBack on 27/7/11 by DuncanBoxie

ok got it thanks Duncan

shoutBack on 27/7/11 by kharmazero

Yo Kharma!
I would say as long as the logo is on your design you should be fine, but if you can integrate the wording perhaps it would suit the theme even more.

shoutBack on 26/7/11 by DuncanBoxie

pinnacle :-))

shoutBack on 25/7/11 by kharmazero

i was wondering, should we include “reach your pinacle” in the design?

shoutBack on 25/7/11 by kharmazero

No worries Sergio!
If you ever have question about the brief you can drop me an email or click on the LIVE HELP button on the left hand side :)

I hope you get some free time soon man…you work too hard!

shoutBack on 15/7/11 by DuncanBoxie

duncan ty a lot for the examples. sometimes i’m 100% lost we i read something about “we’re looking for the new south african style” or something like that. :P
I’ll really try to enter thisone, sadlly i’m bussy like hell here

shoutBack on 15/7/11 by Sergio37