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kharmazero is from France FR and is 1,554,956,196 seconds young



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sans blague, j’essaie de voter pour toi dans ce f… site, mais je trouve pas le bon bout !!!!!!!!! Ca fait enrager !!!!!!

shoutOut on 22/10/10
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super ce Tshirt!


shoutOut on 22/10/10
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Yo dude!
Your designs are freaking amazing.
Keep em coming WOOHOOOOO!!!!

shoutOut on 29/10/10
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Kharmazero here is the answer to your previous question:

Springleap reserve the right to any winning designs for all purposes. We are soon going to be launching prints on canvas, posters, mobile phones, laptops etc.

The rules for entering the competition :
You cannot enter a design that is currently in the running in another competition elsewhere, that has had a print run and been sold or has won another competition. After the winner has been announced at Springleap all the other designs are free for the designer to do with as they wish and Springleap holds no rights to print or sell those designs unless via prior arrangement or stipulation in a specific themed competition eg: if Springleap were to hold a competition for another brand, artist, company and specifically stipulate conditions clearly.

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Thanks for helping out with the community questions mate, appreciate muchly ;)

shoutOut on 25/11/10
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je vous remercie pour le soutien…bonne chance à votre conception impressionnante! Cheers!

shoutOut on 10/1/11