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Let’s face it i suck at football. i suck at football in a country that breathe it.
There is my creaton :P


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awww :(
I guest i desing better in my mind lol

shoutBack on 4/11/09 by Sergio37

I agree with Tu, think the text needed to be connected somehow to the lines, it would have made the design really tie together on the T-shirt.
Great overall copy (text). Very funny and I think a lot of people would wear it because of what it says.

shoutBack on 27/10/09 by cloMO

Rofl. Nice one. Not sure I dig the font though, it seems to be all over the place.

shoutBack on 20/10/09 by Lokololly

Perfect for a lot of us :P

shoutBack on 19/10/09 by Sergio37

hahahh! perfect shirt for my friend!

shoutBack on 16/10/09 by ser1tdc

@tu: dude thanks for advice i like u like it :D or that u laught a little at least :D

shoutBack on 16/10/09 by Sergio37

@lesh and dustyrich: Thank you for support. i’m glad that my desing make somebody laught :D

@kingslip: i use a freebie called nonstop with some modifications

shoutBack on 16/10/09 by Sergio37

I’m torn between laughing at it and feeling so emo about it. Then again I laugh at emos.

The dude should have had long black hair!!!

Nice thought, would have been nice if the font was more refined, or maybe they conformed to the line of the field, giving it a bit more 3D depth…

shoutBack on 16/10/09 by Tu

I dig this makes me laugh and id wear that just cause, nice

shoutBack on 16/10/09 by DustyRich

what font did you use here?

shoutBack on 16/10/09 by kingslip