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About: DOOOM! A T-Shirt designer from the UK. http://twitter.com/imscary

The amazing DOOOM! with DOOOM by DuncanBoxie

DOOOM is one of those designers who can combine clean illustration with minimal colour, in order to make a design that EXPLODES with energy!
Lets find out more about this talented

1. Tell us more about yourself and your family, have you always lived in the same place or moved around a lot?

My family comes from a lot of different backgrounds and we have travelled a lot over the years, which I loved, as it allowed me to see and experience all different types of cultures which I think has affected my design work.

2. Do you have any talents that people might find surprising?

You know, I quite like to think that I have a talent… that I have yet to discover ;)

3. Electric! is an example of a one colour job that just works perfectly. Do you have any tips for those who find minimal colour a difficult process?

Thanks for the kind words, I guess my only piece of advice would be ‘less is more’ sometimes people tend go over the top with one colours designs - adding lots of detail which can look bad and overly complicated on a shirt.

4. Which designer/design style inspires you the most?

A lot of different designers and styles influence me, I would say at the moment Brock May, Quakerninja and Neonbeast are the main people inspiring me.

5. Do you find it difficult ‘making it’ as a designer in the UK? How do you set yourself apart?

I wouldn’t say it was difficult purely based on living in the UK - since all of my work is online, usually for clients from all across the world. I wouldn’t say it has affected me that much. I feel that I have an instantly recognizable style that sets me apart, when you see one of my designs - you know it definitely came from me.


Nice one! I love reading about the designers. Thanks for the insights DOOOM!

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