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A Casual Invasion

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P.A.S.T Casual Day T-shirt Design Competition

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Words by the designer:

The illustration is all about casual clothes taking over! The Suits and ties run for cover as an Invader casually roams past! Made out of everyday clothing, picking up the dreaded business folk in his path.

I chose to keep the colour palette rather limited, Using a single spot just to give it a bit of pop where smaller details could be seen. Chose yellow as more of a unisex mutual vibe. Also because yellow and black are generally the hazard colours, all linking back to the Invasion of Casual Dress!

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Spotted one Darryll wearing this tee at the Loeries in Cape Town! http://mars.bizcommunity.com/g/0909/13334_l.jpg

shoutBack on 28/9/09 by Tu

Awesome! Just ordered mine…

shoutBack on 9/9/09 by DevManJaro

This is awesome!!!!! PLease tell me there’s a possibility of getting one from the springleap store..?????? internet banking isn’t an option for me :(

shoutBack on 4/9/09 by saz1

great job!

shoutBack on 29/8/09 by suburbanhijinx

Well done Tokyo! Awesome Design! If you like the official Casual Day Tshirt (Tx ABSA for creating this amazing incentive with P.A.S.T. - people against suits and ties), then make sure you get your size NOW, as this is limited edition to the EXTREME!!!

We’ve printed 100 for sale ONLY, and they’re selling like HOT CAKES! Don’t be disappointed and say “why didn’t you tell me” if you wait!

shoutBack on 25/8/09 by Eric

Great job Tokyo. Congrats!
Reward for hours of work I’m sure.

shoutBack on 24/8/09 by simmichel

Thanks Eran, Integral & Tu, Pretty darn stok’d (: and also thanks for all the comments and rad words!

shoutBack on 23/8/09 by TokyoGoGo

Tokyo does it again! Congrats mate!

shoutBack on 22/8/09 by Tu

Nice score bud!

shoutBack on 21/8/09 by IntegralApparel

Loving it! Once again great design, always a fan of intricacy. You and DustyRich are def my favs!

shoutBack on 19/8/09 by nixpr