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Hansa 3 - The Swiss

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Didn't make it
Hansa Pilsener Design Contest

Words by the designer:

Rulers and shapes…;^)


nice graphic flow

shoutBack on 25/6/11 by kharmazero

Uhm, don’t the rules state that designs are not allowed to touch any hems or the sides of a shirt? This is much bigger than the screen size stipulated.

shoutBack on 9/6/11 by incynqron

Nice graphic tee, love the boldness and use of color.

shoutBack on 9/6/11 by ThirstyFly

zomg this is even better than your last one

shoutBack on 5/6/11 by aHadeda

great! 5*

shoutBack on 2/6/11 by ged

bit all over the place

shoutBack on 30/5/11 by bleet

Nice work!

shoutBack on 27/5/11 by CathRon