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Positive Heroes Design Contest - Fight the HIV Stigma

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Nice combination of colours here. I like the illustration too, vert pleasing on the eye. Good luck with the votes!

shoutBack on 30/8/11 by CathRon

i like how ou have used the Positive heros + across the characters face, gives it a braveheart sort of feel, which is kinda cool as the heart pumps blood and must be brave, now i'm rambling.. anyhoo, nice!

i think the watercolour background needs to be a bit lighter as it kind of distracts me from the foreground artwork.. good luck

shoutBack on 30/8/11 by Valesidecc
Oh wow, love the mixture of textures and the fact that you kept the colours simple. Brilliant design and great use of the heavier and lighter elements :)
shoutBack on 29/8/11 by Izzicane