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Life Never End

Design by:

Didn't make it
Didn't make it
Positive Heroes Design Contest - Fight the HIV Stigma

Words by the designer:

Live Never End it is just START!N GO!

soo..repair what was broken, Searchs what was lose n do anything Positive for our.


Nice type-faces, nice uplifting message and colours, good work and good luck!

shoutBack on 30/8/11 by CathRon

Damn good !! i can feel it!! i can feel it!!!!! 

love your design! love your creative expression!

shoutBack on 30/8/11 by Hiro

im freaking loving this design.. so simple, yet it gets the message across and the colours back it up.. very lively.. good luck!!

shoutBack on 30/8/11 by Valesidecc

Thank You UncleHani!

shoutBack on 29/8/11 by Grantino

I mean sentence.

shoutBack on 29/8/11 by UncleHani
I love the message in this design "Life Never End", it shows that whether you are positive, it is no death serntence, big ups!
shoutBack on 29/8/11 by UncleHani