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Ostrian Cavalry

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Open Theme March 2

Words by the designer:

I’m sure those would have had a stunning effect on the enemy lines… CHAAAARGE!
7 colors on Evergreen


haha.. this is such a fun concept!! :)

shoutBack on 8/4/11 by mux

Thx mates, next time I’ll lose the ostrich, uhh, the T, no, no, the background!

shoutBack on 7/4/11 by vcalahan

This is beautiful!!Love your illustration style. But I dont see it as a tee-shirt; I would love to read the book…if there’s a book! I do agree with everyone re the green background though. (And after the battle some ostrich biltong will taste good.)

shoutBack on 1/4/11 by PiratesSquared

This one is classic - without the background could be even more amazing!

shoutBack on 31/3/11 by CathRon

HAHAHA Kharma, good one :P

shoutBack on 31/3/11 by DuncanBoxie

Great design with a classic feel to it, but I don’t know how well this would work on a t-shirt.. Don’t think I’d wear it.. Also agree with @Izzicane on the colour.. It’s too much green going on there.

Very clever idea tho! Full marks for that :)

shoutBack on 31/3/11 by Maike

just wow!(won’t win the best comment contest with this one )

shoutBack on 31/3/11 by kharmazero

I like the design but I’m not so sure about the colorless background with the colorful front, it feels like they are from two different pictures. But the concept is great, overall a very cool design.

shoutBack on 31/3/11 by Izzicane

OMFreaking awesomness, hahahaha!
Instant fan of this design dude.
Groovy idea…so bizarre :D

shoutBack on 31/3/11 by DuncanBoxie