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Protect the Smile

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Positive Heroes Design Contest - Fight the HIV Stigma

Words by the designer:

When I was looking at the Positive Heroes site, one of the things I notice was the smiles we could see on people´s faces. And, for me, that´s one of the greatest messages they can spread - that is possible to keep smiling and be happy, despite their disease.  This was the inspiration for this design. On the other hand, I feel that is important that this message reaches everyone, despite their age, education or social background, so I tried to keep my design simple, almost childish.

My first submission here on Springleap. Hope you like it.



Welcome to springleap! This is a rocking first sub, what a wonderful uplifting design!

shoutBack on 30/8/11 by CathRon

Another Great Concept.. Smiles make the world go round.. i love the design, wouldnt change a thing.. Good luck

shoutBack on 30/8/11 by Valesidecc

Thank you all for your nice comments. Glad you liked this design!!

shoutBack on 29/8/11 by ChunkyDesign


This is such a cute design yet I feel that anyone can wear it. You can actually feel the childlike happiness of it, it is maybe a bit large on the shirt but it takes nothing away from the design. Congrats on a wonderful shirt :)

shoutBack on 29/8/11 by Izzicane

I like this!hehehe.

shoutBack on 29/8/11 by Grantino

If only there was a like link like facebook, I'd click on it, nicely done!

shoutBack on 29/8/11 by UncleHani
shoutBack on 29/8/11 by acme