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Its actually amazing how big mouth people are when they cant see the person.

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by KingC

ooooooo hardcore, be careful Mik, kingC argues with his fists

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by HappyDesign

Dude firstly dont bring mothers in his because Ill knock 7 shades of shit out of you. Secondly Im glad to see that you can take the crit. So you can say what you want dont get personal.

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by KingC

Dude. Don’t take it personally. Its a bad mistake to take crits personally. Its reactionary. I’m not gonna get started on your work, but if someone’s looking for crits, I’ll happily give them my views. Your views would’ve been valid without your last sentence, but if I can dish it out I can take it, so thanks for your comment. If you’re looking for someone to stroke your ego go ask your mom about your design.

shoutBack on 10/12/08 by mikdog

You clouds dont look like clouds they look more like speech bubbles.
The Dragon has no oomf in it and very little detail QUITE BORING to be honest.
The Dragons feet crossing looks like he is spastick or deformed I dont like it at all much like you pixal art this sucks really bad. that ? is crap and that robot thing…..

Mikgog dont give so much critism when your work sux.

shoutBack on 10/12/08 by KingC

Thanks ma bru. Sense of fun is where its at. Instead of angry, ferocious and thrashing dragons which we thought most people would go (and we were right, bar one or two exceptions) we went the other way. Its a happy shirt.

shoutBack on 9/12/08 by mikdog

I really love the style and sense of fun. I can’t help but grin :)

shoutBack on 9/12/08 by Husk

I suppose I should include a proper description. My buddy James and I thrashed loads of ideas around for this comp, and eventually arrived at this meditating dragon. We had suggestions from friends about a drag-queen dragon, dragon bytes with a dragon biting a laptop, and one thought was a dragon looking smug standing next to a pile of smoldering consoles like XBOX 360, PS3, Wii, etc… We went with this calm dragon having a chill session in the sky. S’nice.

shoutBack on 8/12/08 by mikdog
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