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shoutOut on 7/4/08 by Eric in wordUp

So you’ve registered, but you’re having trouble with something - ANYTHING?

This is the place to ask…

Do you want to know how to upload a design into the competition?

Or where to start a new blog post?

Or if anything isn’t working the way you think it should?


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Hi Hayley

Welcome! Really excited to see your submissions.

We screen-print all our designs, and each colour is mixed to a specific pantone, and a different screen is used for each colour. Therefore, if you create a beautiful design in 5 different shades of yellow (as an example), each shade would be classified as a separate colour, as yellow 1 may need more white than yellow 2, and then yellow 3 would need a spot of red, etc,, etc.

I hope that helps, otherwise chat to duncan [at] springleap [dot] com for more advice! :)

Happy designing


shoutBack 8 hours, 46 minutes ago by CathRon


I want to design a t-shirt and I wanted to ask you about the 7 colours that we are allowed. Are different shades of a colour considered as different colours? what do you mean by unique?



shoutBack 9 hours, 25 minutes ago by Animix

Hi Katie

You are very welcome to swap. Please mail lester (at) springleap (dot) com and he will arrange this with you.

shoutBack 4 weeks, 2 days ago by CathRon

I apologise. I just realised that the t-shirts i recieved with the wrong sizing are the NEXT generation sizing t-shirts.I measured the t-shirts i wanted thinking they were the old sizing. Can i return the t-shirts and get the correct sizes?
Regards, Katie

shoutBack 1 month ago by katie77r

Hi there,
I recieved 5 T-shirts today as part of a Groupon deal. My boyfriend and i measured our required sizes exactly and my t-shirt is 2 sizes too small and his are way too large. We did use your measurement guide but this wasn’t accurate at all. Can we return our t-shirts for different sizes?

shoutBack 1 month ago by katie77r

Hi @katie77r
Apologies for your frustrations. We do have some new designs in stock, but it takes time to get all the designs printed.

Are the t-shirts that you want sold out or still being printed? If they are sold out, then there is no guarantee that we will reprint them in the near future. Requesting a reprint does not automatically mean that it will be reprinted. However, if you like some of the t-shirts still to be printed, then you can already pre-buy them with your voucher, and you will be notified as soon as they are printed and ready for collection/shipping.

Please email maike[at] directly with the designs that you want so that we can see what we can do for you.

shoutBack on 22/7/11 by Maike

Hi there,
I wrote to you about 2 weeks ago asking if there would be more stock of your t-shirts. I was assured there would be. I bought a Groupon allowing me to buy 5 t-shirts of my choice. The problem is time is running out (for me to redeem my Groupon) and all the t-shirts i want are still out of stock. I have requested the t-shirts i want countless times and this makes no difference. I will not buy t-shirts i don’t want, this is unacceptable, i want to place my order and still can’t. I feel i have wasted over R500 on a Groupon i can’t even use, please fix this problem!
Not Happy!!

shoutBack on 21/7/11 by katie77r

Hi there Kimstone :)
Perhaps this tutorial will help.
Let me know how things go!

shoutBack on 18/7/11 by DuncanBoxie

Hi, I’m a complete klutz when it comes to resizing designs. I’m using cs5 photoshop and when I try to resize, the designs look tiny as jpegs. Can anyone give me a step-by-step guide to size the images correctly.

Many thanks

shoutBack on 18/7/11 by kimstone

Hi Koncept, please email duncan (at) springleap (dot) com. He can assist you with turning your notifications off to stop receiving comments on blogs you have commenetd on.
Hi Groupon supporters, we are so sorry for the stock issues and want to do all we can to make your experience positive. Due to excess traffic, our stock system has a few bugs, so if you email marketing (at) springleap (dot) com with your wish-list (design and size), we can advise if we do indeed have stock and / or whether it is on a reprint list.

shoutBack on 12/7/11 by CathRon