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Sprotsmen in ac... Yesterday, 12:20 talk_t

but you got me smiling coz look at your description - says "Sprotsmen"
sad panda Yesterday, 12:17 talk_t

guess so
Dem Bones 2 - P... Yesterday, 12:16 talk_t

yeah - agreed.
Labyrinth of th... Yesterday, 10:21 talk_t

i like it. think the background colour suits the illustration
sHAIR the love May 7th, 18:12 talk_t

nice. but think i preferred your last one
Confined Space ... May 7th, 16:20 talk_t

does that mean you like it @DuncanBoxie ;) LOL
Lunch, 12 o'clock. May 7th, 16:19 talk_t

u want the bug to get eaten or the spider to slip and fall?
What is PRE-BUY? May 7th, 13:05 word_up

Well - production is now 99% caught up. We have ELEVEN designs outstanding, of which THREE are in our stock room waiting to be counted. By the end of this week, EVERYTHING will be caught up. We've made it easier to see what is happening: If you want to see ALL the designs in our stock room, visit: "": If you want to see the designs still being printed, visit: "": But nearly all the tshirts available for purchase are now sitting in our stock room waiting to deliver to you. Enjoy "shopping":
True rock May 7th, 10:27 talk_t

this is an example of where text WORKS! first class!
Sea cowboy May 7th, 10:25 talk_t

think on a black tshirt this would have rocked. bit bright on the blue tshirt
Uncle Scam May 7th, 10:13 talk_t

hahahaha. Brilliant! Wonder what Vinny Lingham and Barack Obama would say about this one?
NSS splashes an... May 7th, 10:09 talk_t

that sure is bright
Bomb Men May 7th, 10:06 talk_t

only thing is will people know it's chocolate? but awesome illustration
a one eye'd mon... May 7th, 10:02 talk_t

Lunch, 12 o'clock. May 7th, 09:50 talk_t

wonder if the thread would show up, as it shows on the large image but not the tshirt preview. but that's where the wonder of our production department comes in - they are brilliant at making the winning designs look amazing