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Stashme isn\'t steven


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I am more of an observer. But fascinated by people talented at art! I still have a long way to go …

shoutOut on 1/2/10
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Hey there,

Hope you dont take offence, just my humble opinion.
But guess its a matter of taste …. I like simple on a Tshirt … not something to loud.

so I would say the design for Alice you did would officially look great …. at the back of a pack of cards!!!
Like fun, animated, jokers and colours …..

so what do you think?

shoutOut on 19/1/10


The whistler idea is cool!

shoutOut on 8/1/10
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Good luck with the comp!

shoutOut on 6/1/10
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Cool design - you new?

shoutOut on 4/1/10