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New T-shirt des... Apr 19th, 22:32 word_up

hey, so do submissions close on the 20th or the 27th?
Swallowed Up Feb 13th, 15:46 talk_t

This is amazing! loving that you are destroying symbols like this that we see on almost every tattooed body...
live is a gift Feb 13th, 15:28 talk_t

Lovin' it! I'd definitely wear this! would've liked it on the same colour tee as the display on the left...
CORPORATE EXECU... Feb 13th, 15:17 talk_t

flip man, I often see people who've killed their designs with too much distressing,but you've pulled it off so well! love the design, only thing I'd fix though is the "blood" splatter behind the head- it looks more like paint than splattered blood...
Rabobi, Rabobi Feb 13th, 15:10 talk_t

sweet man, the distressing might be a bit much.. if your design doesn't win you should post it on so people can buy it anyways
natural born geek Feb 13th, 15:07 talk_t

loving your custom text!
Question about ... Jan 28th, 18:42 peeps

sure thing :D
Question about ... Jan 28th, 15:53 peeps

I think what they mean in that guide is that you can alter your opacity as long is its over a white layer. So yeah, you can get more colour options out of that one colour,but not over another colour... It is printable though (if you have extra colours to spare), but then you might as well use the colour that the two layers create together
True V2 Jan 28th, 15:39 talk_t

This is cool, but the negative aspect to it doesn't fit the theme well
Connect the dots Jan 28th, 15:37 talk_t

Shackalicious Jan 28th, 15:33 talk_t

@ dotnot, yes they can, either they use real small halftones, or do a hotpress print
Hot Dog Jan 17th, 18:10 talk_t

@ EranEyal - by vintage do you mean distressing?
Dead Maria (2) Jan 17th, 16:05 talk_t

checked this at idols a while ago..when you posting again?
Belinda in Alic... Jan 17th, 16:01 talk_t

Belinda in Alic... Jan 17th, 16:00 talk_t

@lololly, thanks for your comment, i think its a personal taste, either you like square designs where the focus is just on the chest, or you enjoy having your whole shirt used as a canvas. the popular thing for artwork type designs, including allot of band tees, is they use the whole front of the tee, where as witty, simple designs often need to use less space, because there is less to entertain the eye with.