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Awesome article on cosplay!

shoutOut on 12/6/09


Love + Art + Craftiness = Springleap

A basic thread connects all of us in the world. Can you guess what that thread is? Our blood. Our species.

Recently I set out to uplift all human beings as best as I can. Exploring the world touching souls wherever I can. Three essential elements I try to nurture in people: love, art and craftiness.

Seeing people smile and glow is my daily high. I envision a global community where humanity paints the world with their artistic side- the side that gets in touch with their imaginations and reflects their ultimate best- an artistic world where all humans become crafty artists of life.

Being able to create is truly a gift from the gods and seeing the many creative designs on Springleap.com truly is a great starting point.

Believing in designers worldwide is what Springleap.com is all about offering them the platform to enter their t-shirt competition and create through design to stand the chance to win cash and prizes. I’m sure many designers are just overwhealmed by the opportunities they receive from Springleap.com.

Attract SUCCESS! Let us embrace one another and everything else and as the laws of attractions states it will certaintly embrace us in return.

Just imagine ‘YOURSELF’ in your ultimate ‘LoViNg’ ‘aRtISTiC’ ‘cRaFtY’ state? WOW!!!

ps: Let’s TOGETHER Springleap into Stardom

Wesley hardStyle

shoutOut on 18/5/09