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Just the way yo... Sep 14th, 15:28 talk_t

I love this design! Wonderful concept, and it conveys so much! Well done VoodOOChild!
One Matchstick ... Sep 10th, 17:19 talk_t

Awesome adventure, love how you put the matchsticks out the side of the speakers! And so it all starts, with a match to light up a wonderful new leap of things =)
one matchstick Sep 10th, 17:09 talk_t

I love the style, however I think it needs more detail!
Experimental ar... Sep 10th, 17:07 peeps

Crazy *styles*, inspired *art*, wild imagiantion- *Jaime* *Martinez* incorporates the most divine natural feel in his *photography*! Getting in touch with extra-ordinary imaginary, Jaime M is just awesome!!!
The Most Amazin... Sep 10th, 16:42 peeps

The *Natural* *born* *killer* t-shirt design is my favourite out of the bunch, really colourful and extremely striking! Fabulous tee *art* *prints*, definitely an awesome *design* *collection* Dinx!
Awesome street ... Sep 10th, 16:38 peeps

Just checked out "trendycrew.com":http://trendycrew.com, the fashion is awesome! Dig the various styles and rad apparel!
Fashionably ent... Sep 9th, 16:11 peeps

Alegria Cirque Du Soleil Music Video captured, rarely come across such great acts of circus art! Definitely invoked my imagination, awesome show!
Congratulations... Sep 9th, 09:53 peeps

Creative *fashion*, certainly amazing *ART*! Wow... David Bowie's fashion, rad and very extreme! Not digging the hanger grey shiny wear though.. And well done Dalene, loved your crazy spunky casual day fever- stay bright and ourageously stylish! =)
Laugh It Off - ... Sep 8th, 15:35 peeps

*Zuma* *tee*, clearly this is subliminal messages trying to boost his image! Doesn't work on me though! *Donkey* *Dong*, eeeennnngggg, very scary what a disgusting imagination! *Moo*, defintely awesome makes people aware of the crazzzy detriment against animals! These are my 3 favs out of this wack bunch of t-shirts!
Bonzai T-shirts... Sep 8th, 13:09 peeps

The *Hurley* *Bonzai* *tee* definitely rocks! Is that a bonzai growing out his back? and bonzai roots coming out of his feet? 10 out of 10 for creativity and fabulous artwork...
Manly Skull Sep 7th, 14:29 talk_t

Vicious design! Skulls and stars I definitely dig.
Kicking off Cas... Sep 7th, 12:22 peeps

I vote Chloe, for her fabulous trancy trippy rad style!!!
New Themed T-sh... Sep 7th, 10:59 word_up

"One Matchstick":http://onematchstick.blogspot.com/ is such a wonderful concept, it represents so much hope… Keep up the great work Telana. You’re awesome!
Indefatigable O... Sep 3rd, 16:25 talk_t

Amazing *design* *Concept*! light up the pessimists, great job! I love *Indefatigable* *Optimist*...
Gozhia Sep 3rd, 16:21 talk_t

Fire breathing dragon! AWESOME... however you could have made Gozhia look much more detailed.