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momo Jul 16th 2009, 11:16 talk_t

i call a rip something should be done about this:
consume Mar 26th 2009, 12:16 talk_t

*bump Just picked this up today and let me tell you people, it came out so good you will be sorry if you didnt get this, wow QUALITY thanks Eric and the springleap peeps
consume Mar 20th 2009, 12:57 talk_t

hhaha thanks mikdog, pumped to get mine, im hoping to submit some new stuff soon, been a while
consume Mar 19th 2009, 16:45 talk_t

still waiting for mine cant wait
consume Mar 19th 2009, 16:33 talk_t

oh siiick its printed looks ace guys stoked, thanks springleap team-o
Sketch to Digital Feb 4th 2009, 15:24 peeps

yeah IntegralApparel sometimes i think i can apple z / ctl z everything, so funny always start on paper, then clean it up in photoshop, make it a light colour depending on the shirt/artwork background, then illustrator
What is PRE-BUY? Feb 4th 2009, 15:12 word_up

sounds good Eric
Social Phobia Feb 4th 2009, 15:10 talk_t

this needs more love...5
burger_love Feb 4th 2009, 10:42 talk_t

yeah i dont see any reference to whats his this alot well done...5
Markham Competi... Jan 27th 2009, 15:06 talk_t

hahaha this is funny
Sketch to Digital Jan 27th 2009, 15:05 peeps lank cheep wacoms here, cheaper than any mac related store couple in cape town
Updates on prints? Jan 23rd 2009, 09:00 peeps

I almost don’t want to sub here, cause it might come next year! YEAH DUDE
Updates on prints? Jan 23rd 2009, 08:59 peeps

i second that, in the same boat, its sinking fast
Cac-Tied Jan 16th 2009, 13:44 talk_t

yeah the colours are sick, nice halftone shadow, reckon ill get this one
Cac-Tied Jan 16th 2009, 13:01 talk_t

hahah this has to be my fav of yours...well done, your stuff is getting so good...