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Lick it, everyone! Apr 24th, 13:58 talk_t

Sorry about that. Okay, well ya it is called Advanced Photoshop, but that's just the name of a magazine that features digital design, not so? (Where composition, aesthetics and maybe even your concept are taken into account - not just your technical ability) But point taken, looking at the featured galleries on the "Adv PS":http://www.advancedphotoshop.co.uk/user_featured.php website they're waaay more intricate than this. But I guess that brings up a whole new debate about Springleap's limited 7 colours in a *Photo*shop competition.. maybe or not. Whatever. Haha and do you think the licking is inappropriate? I knew I was perhaps shooting myself in the foot with that, but at the same time makes the design a bit more unique.. Thanks for the critique though and I'm sorry I was so harsh. Guess the word edgy probably through me off; got the wrong message.
Lick it, everyone! Apr 23rd, 20:06 talk_t

@DuncanBoxie, "just expect something a tad *edgier* for this particular comp" - what do you mean with that? Are you upset I'm not making a collage of wayfarers and skinnies? Does the concept bore you? @Styrofred, some of these strangers are my friends and they are allowed to comment on only my shirt. Perhaps it's their favourite one, perhaps not, but they're being nice. Just because all the regular kings who have 10 wins under the belt don't like it or comment on it, doesn't mean other people who could potentially buy it won't like it. "Here's a picture that shows why there are randoms commenting on this design":http://www.thehubsa.co.za/uploads2/temp/20090612_133132_GetAttachment.jpg Hope my scripting worked ^
Lick it, everyone! Apr 23rd, 00:16 talk_t

Thanks guys!
Springleaper's ... Apr 17th, 17:01 talk_t

Yeah dude these colours are much better
New theme at Sp... Sep 24th 2009, 20:49 word_up

"Before you know it you’ll be out of that taxi and rolling in your Royce." nice
Love song Sep 24th 2009, 20:42 talk_t

Awesome 5
COCK MARKET: Fo... Aug 13th 2009, 19:45 talk_t

Sorry, can I get a hoya?
Flame Grilled C... Aug 8th 2009, 16:54 talk_t

AHAHA! At first I was like "wtf" But I love it! It has a little face amongst the little spots. It's so cool!
Angry at the World Jul 25th 2009, 17:30 talk_t

Angry at the World· What the hell man? Why ANGER? Rarararar
Spring Bottle Jul 25th 2009, 17:13 talk_t

This is so lovely
Who are you? Jul 25th 2009, 17:08 word_up

Redemption Jul 20th 2009, 18:08 talk_t

69 is a number.
Oh Crap!! Jul 20th 2009, 18:03 talk_t

Ah. Gross
F R E S H Jul 20th 2009, 18:02 talk_t

This sure is...
TETRIS TEE Jul 9th 2009, 23:51 talk_t

yeh yeh 5 5 5 5