Who are you?

shoutOut on 19/3/08 by Eric in wordUp

you’ve just joined springleap - say howzit to everyone else, and tell everyone something interesting about yourself.

something that will make people want to ask you more…

i’ll go first - at one stage i had 3 piercings! 2 in my left ear. one in my eyebrow! now i’ve got none!!!


Greetings to all the new faces.
Looking forward to a MASSIVE 2011!!!!
If anybody needs anything at all please contact me on my personal page :)

shoutBack on 20/1/11 by DuncanBoxie

well I was skinny became a mommy now Im fat but happy…lol

shoutBack on 6/1/11 by Samme

I like World

shoutBack on 6/1/11 by Pugz

New up on Springleap; an aspiring graphic artist. Here to create and learn.
Also..check this out: http://snowballnoble.deviantart.com/gallery/

shoutBack on 6/1/11 by Mightysandvitch

No more excuses

shoutBack on 6/1/11 by Jazzr

I’m the difference in a culture that hates difference, I’m out there doing what I can to stay confused, I love it:)

shoutBack on 5/1/11 by Randallios

Nice to meet you.

I like t-shirts.

shoutBack on 4/1/11 by ShaconBacon

New on springleap…coll designs coming soon…watch this space…[ ]

shoutBack on 2/1/11 by wolverine

Ah…New on Springleap! Some designs coming up soon! :D

shoutBack on 29/12/10 by CrunchDesign

Hey there Leapers… This is me… Nothing less, nothing more!

shoutBack on 28/12/10 by Dezi