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return to nature Today, 07:49 talk_t

simple but beautiful
rockqueen Today, 07:48 talk_t

he illo and colors are really awesome, but i think it would be even better without the guy, just my 2 cents opinion
A Pelican's Wish Today, 07:42 talk_t

i agree with Amy :-))beautiful indeed
human enemy Today, 07:39 talk_t

Planes, Tanks, ... Today, 07:38 talk_t

i love the "photocopy" and punk rock feeling of your design ;-)
midnight summer... Nov 11th, 16:27 talk_t

Thannnnks!!this is so cool Cath!i just have this stupid smile on my face for this morning, just a little colletaral effect ;-)) i 'd get some too, i've got some gifts to make.
midnight summer... Nov 11th, 14:31 talk_t

Thanks Amy!!!what a cool news!!!!!thanks a lot to all voters and to you springleap team!!!i just had a 10 minutes dance all around the studio!!!!Fortunately i was alone, but my neighbours have perhaps called the cops....You made my day ;-)))
Raizcorp and Sp... Nov 10th, 20:45 word_up

it's a very interesting theme contest and concept to express;I'm working on it :-))
child creation ... Nov 8th, 15:23 talk_t

Thanks Eran :--))
zardoza Nov 7th, 23:09 talk_t

héhéhéhé!yes it is Sean Connery, no,no, no not outland. Is that you're last word?
child creation ... Nov 6th, 18:39 talk_t

yes, you're right JPB i had also this book in mind in doing this one ;-)), thanks
child creation ... Nov 5th, 17:08 talk_t

thanks a lot Clara for all your comments, i really appreciate it ;-)))
midnight summer... Nov 5th, 10:11 talk_t

"was working", i need a coffee...
zardoza Nov 5th, 10:08 talk_t

thanks again Clara
midnight summer... Nov 5th, 10:06 talk_t

Thanks Clara,thanks Ducan,it was works well on black too, but more subbtle on chocolate ;-))