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Apocalyptic Sunset Sep 22nd, 03:59 talk_t

If you truely love this design let springleap know! Cast your vote. I would greatly appreciate it!
Apocalyptic Sunset Sep 17th, 17:12 talk_t

thanks for all the good feedback! I really appreciate it and didnt expect so many people to LOVE it!
Apocalyptic Sunset Sep 15th, 20:04 talk_t

thanks chucky!
PLEASE STAND BY... Sep 14th, 03:36 talk_t

I'm super stoked that these are in now! I can't wait to see how the print came out!!!
Apocalyptic Sunset Sep 13th, 22:45 talk_t

WOW! thanks Eran and ndikol!!! All your kind words really mean a lot!
Apocalyptic Sunset Sep 12th, 04:24 talk_t

not being modest..just honest! If anyone is interested I have mocked up a real tee with what the enlarged print would like! check it out here:"link text":
Apocalyptic Sunset Sep 11th, 16:42 talk_t

Thanks for the feedback! It can definitely be scaled larger if it wins...don't think it will there are a few designs that i like WAY better then my submission. Any other comments?
Apocalyptic Sunset Sep 11th, 09:00 talk_t

thanks Domi! Appreciate the feedback jktskrg! I would have no problem if springleap wanted the print larger! What do others think?
Love song Sep 10th, 19:35 talk_t

great job!
Milky wave Sep 10th, 19:32 talk_t

I love your style!
A Casual Invasion Aug 29th, 04:23 talk_t

great job!
my friends Aug 29th, 04:20 talk_t

congrats on the win! Very nice design. I like your style
Deliver me Aug 16th, 20:01 talk_t

SUIT-MONSTER Aug 16th, 20:00 talk_t

nice job! great illustration man!
Sundae Best Aug 16th, 03:33 talk_t

very cool idea!!! I love how it as that old carving feel to it. good job!