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Miriam is right, such a special design...makes me happy

shoutOut on 23/1/12
Miriam - Thumbnail

Toutes mes félicitations Vcalahan!

You really spread the Marmite Love in a very special way. I love your little 'Marmite Addict' who is jumping in the jar with a big smile.

Well done and congrats again!

shoutOut on 23/1/12
suckerpunch - Thumbnail

Super stuff - the victorian style is awesome.
Love marmite so going to def buy this one

shoutOut on 23/1/12
jamjamjam - Thumbnail

Sucha kool dzign. I like teh cannonball conceptz

Good worx!!!!

shoutOut on 23/1/12
DuncanBoxie - Thumbnail


Congratulations on your Marmite win dude - very stoked for you.

This had such a wicked old school English vibe and quirky concept.
Cant wait to get my hands on one of these, its gonna look so good!



shoutOut on 23/1/12
CathRon - Thumbnail

Hey Mr Calahan!

Just a note to say you rock! Congrats on your awesome designs - you really hit the ball out of the park with Marmite! :)

shoutOut on 23/1/12