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Friends of Parent and Child

shoutOut on 10/1/11 by DuncanBoxie in peeps

Hi there one and all .

Last year Springleap donated a whole bunch of t-shirts to the Friends of Parent and Child organization. We were so stoked to have not only received some awesome thanks , but also great photos of the kids in our gear.

For those of you who don’t know Friends of Parent and Child is a group of people that run a charity for township children . Between their normal day jobs they still have time to help out these awesome kids….that truly is awe-inspiring!

Seriously these little kids have absolutely nothing . However, once a year they get the chance to have a great big party and get spoiled properly. It really brings joy to our hearts to see the kids having such a great time and enjoying their tees.

I have added a letter we received from Friends of Parent and Child below that really made our day.
We were humbled by the feedback and hope that the letter also ignites the spirit of charity in you all.

If you would like to donate to this very worthy charity please contact them at:

PO Box 93866, Yeoville, 2143, South Africa
Tel: (011) 484-1734
Fax: (011) 643-2957 or 086-690-2771
e-mail: jennie@jpccc.org.za

Dear Jarred and the Springleap team,

I would like to thank you again, on behalf of Friends of Parent and Child, for the generous donation of the custom-made t-shirts for the children of the Hartbeespoort Township. As evident in the above photo’, the t-shirts were much appreciated by the children.

The children and families with whom we work so deserve at least one day in their lives which is special and out of the ordinary and where they are spoilt, which your generosity allowed us to achieve.

Our sincere gratitude in donating such modern and beautiful t-shirts.All of these children are denied a normal life where clothes and food are easily accessible and available. Not only did the children love wearing the t-shirts on the day, but we can assure you that these t-shirts will be worn every day as it may be their only piece of clothing. These t-shirts will not only provide them with a piece of clothing , but will also allow them to feel like all other teenagers.

_Thank you so much for all your assistance.
Looking forward to your continued support in the future._

Wishing you all the best over this festive season and for 2011 and may you long reap the benefits of what you have done for others!

Kind Regards

Hilit Milner

PS: Check out this video below to learn more about this amazing group of people.


Very moving! So glad we could contribute in some way to the happiness of children.

shoutBack on 11/1/11 by EranEyal


shoutBack on 11/1/11 by Eric

There is nothing better than giving back to the community! Well done Springleap!

shoutBack on 11/1/11 by Nadean

It is really heart-warming when we can spread the joy, especially when there are some people with so little - one small gesture can really mean a lot. Those smiles say it all!

shoutBack on 11/1/11 by CathRon

It’s so great to see local companies helping out & supporting local communities!! Especially when it’s kids that can’t really fend for themselves…
Great stuff Springleap!! Keep up the good work :)

shoutBack on 11/1/11 by Maike

Hey Lokololly nice to have you pop in :)

Springleap is honored to be a part of this cause and look forward to doing more in the future

shoutBack on 11/1/11 by amyabrahams

NICE! I must admit I got a tear* in my eyeball. WD xxx

shoutBack on 11/1/11 by Lokololly