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Leaving the Building 03 - Asian Designers of Springleap

shoutOut on 9/5/12 by DuncanBoxie in peeps

Springleap actually has its roots in the Asian market!

Once upon a time, before Eran Eyal and Eric Edelstein founded Springleap.com, they owned a funky little store called eSquared Fashion (I was the manager), which sold the very best t-shirt designs from across Asian. Through sheer passion for design the business then evolved into Africa’s most successful design contest platform!

In recent times we have had a huge influx of designers from this side of the world and boy have they made some serious noise.

Obviously there are so many designers I would like to mention, but here are a few that you should all know very well by now, hehe.

Kookylove is a designer of immense proportions! So far he has won 3 separate contests on Springleap, which includes a victory in our coveted annual Battle of the Best contest. Kookylove has a quirky design style that always has the ability to make me smile…or laugh uncontrollably! While his designs are for the most part on the humorous side he also has the ability to create thought-provoking submissions that raise important issues. Take for example the design that saw him win Battle of the Best 2011, Longing to Breathe. This awesome design has an important eco-friendly message, which reminds us just how lucky some of us are to still be able to breathe clean air.

Qimstudio is definitely somebody I would like to mention. Not only does this pilot in training have mad illustration skills, but he has also got a crazy imagination which he uses to create seriously mind-bending design. One of the things we at Springleap love most about this man is that he almost always participates in some way or another. I think he has almost reached his ‘Design Century’ with us…that being he has subbed almost 100 different designs. That’s just amazing!!!
Qimstudio truly embodies what it is to be a ‘Springleaper’ and has grown and excelled on our platform to all new heights of awesome. Take a lookie and vote for his latest submission, The Dreamcatcher.

The final designer I would like to chat about is a two-time winner on ‘The Leap’, Dewedhe. Ok, so his designs are awesome, but what is interesting about this guy is the fact that he can create vastly different submissions seemingly with ease. Dewedhe has a style that makes it easy for him to tweak his execution to suit pretty much any concept. This is most notably seen with his latest submission for the 'Glass Going Green' contest, Bottle Doodle. I don’t like to name favourites but this is def hiiiiigh up there on my top choices list hehe ;)
My favourite design by Dewedhe is probably his first winning submission Stink No More…this is just too funny, instant classic.

These guys are just a few of the impressive designers leading the Eastern Charge and we have high hopes for their future!

It has been a pleasure working with you all and I will stay in contact on FB.

Peace out!


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